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From Voyager’s CEO

From Voyager’s CEO

We will work to make it happen. I believe in our owner operators and customers. It is a challenging business and not everyone with a truck or an available load belongs here. It is two important groups of people that we are trying to connect; the shippers and brokers who want to support an American trucker to protect their right to competitive shipping options. And of course, the Owner-Operator; the American dream when everyone willing to work hard was able to earn a decent living without having family connections, fancy education or any need to ask for hand-outs, I know this first-hand. 
Our goal is to connect the best with the best and slowly but steady we are moving in this direction. By bringing some of Americas best and most professional drivers aboard, providing unmatched service to the customers who need their freight delivered safe and on time without any if’s and but’s. It is a two-way road of supply and demand with a critical intersection of the quality and price of goods and services.  
Nobody owes anything to anyone, every transaction must be mutually beneficial or it will not sustain. We have a “preferred carrier” status with most of our regular clients and that, my friends, have a major impact on the higher revenues of our owner operators.


  • says:

    Really good owner/operator company!

  • says:

    Sure wish I drove with voyager!

  • Swif Trunkosky says:

    Hello, your site and comments are an inspiration. i am an owner op with 4 guys under my authority and i am always reading here to get some tips. Do you know of a good dispatch software you can recommend to me, one for my dispatcher and safety guy can use. Your kind response will be highly appreciated. thanks

  • staging says:

    Thank you for reading and commenting. It is a challenge to pay for a high-end software at the early business stage. Here at Voyager, we use while in the process of developing our in-house software. They are relatively easy to use, have an excellent customer service; you will talk to the same person most of the time, compatible with some useful add-ons, somewhat expensive, but still affordable, they will tweak it to your needs as much as possible. The downside, any software will not work without human input. We wish you great success in your trucking journey and hope to see you in future comments. Don’t forget to visit us on FB for more content.

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