International Roadcheck “BLITZ.”

International Roadcheck “BLITZ.”

International Roadcheck “BLITZ” will be held from June 6th through June 8th. Last year 62796 inspections were performed, 21.5% of vehicles and 3.4% of drivers were placed out of service nationwide. This number of out of services do not include any non-out of service violations. “BLITZ” is conducted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA). This year’s main focus will be cargo securement. We suggest a few extra straps on every load at all times, not only during the operation “BLITZ.” Freight rates usually jump up during the so-called DOT week, providing an opportunity to make-up for the already slower than usual market. Please remember, safety is our number one priority every week of the year. Please report all equipment deficiencies to Safety at all times, conduct pre and post trip inspections daily and keep your logbook current at all times. Please make sure all lights are working, no air leaks, all tires legal and no cuts, your logbook must be current, and the speed limit is obeyed. Voyager Nation Inc. is always hiring safe and professional Owner-Operators. Any questions call Safety (855) 839-5067 ext: 2.

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