First Time Owner Operator

Voyager Nation was founded by a 12 year Owner Operator Veteran

Successful Owner Operators sharing real mistakes is the best advice to getting started.

"I wish I knew what I know now when I got started! Avoiding these serious mistakes would saved me time and money."

Topics to be covered

  • Financial expectations
  • Where is the money?
  • Letter of intent
  • Unexpected cost
  • Why some fail?
  • Best / Worst case scenario
  • When shit happens
  • IRP / Insurance programs

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This is not a hiring event!

Tips + Advice for owner operator success

Limited seating: Held every 2nd Friday of the month

Company culture devoted to your success

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Understanding Fixed and Variable Costs

1. Balancing your gross profit 2. Truck cost 3. Insurance cost 4. Licenses, Permits 5. Cost of finding loads

Don’t Rush Into Anything

1. Being an Owner Ooperator requires patience 2. Real money earning potential 3. This decision requires some homework 4. Talk to drivers 5. Educate yourself about the business 6. Be flexible

Mindset of a Successful Owner Operator

1. Set realistic expections 2. Earning steady money 3. Choose your truck wisely 4. Credit matters 5. Live within your means 6. Money for downtime 7. Continue to learn

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