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Frequently asked questions from our owner operators

Key factors for success in trucking?

 Hard work, consistency, professionalism, smart decisions. 

Is it worth to become Owner Operator?FAQ

Yes. Remember it is a lifestyle, not a job. Purchasing the truck alone does not guarantee your success. It takes a lot of hard work to be successful in any business. Just because someone bought a guitar, it does not mean he will be as good and successful as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton or Carlos Santana, but with a lot of hard work, some talent and a bit of luck, everything is possible. Good luck.

What’s the least per mile Owner Operator should accept?FAQ

There is no minimum as there is no maximum. You want to run the most miles for as much per mile weekly average as possible. If you are in a bad spot with your $2.99/ mile expectations, your truck will end up repossessed sooner than you find your load. Be smart, realistic, use your own head, and talk to your dispatcher who is there to ensure your success.

What ELD’s Voyager has available for Owner Operators?

We have KeepTruckin ELDs available; the choice was made considering a fair price, easy installation, full compliance and mostly because it is made for very easy and smooth transition for our drivers. Everyone can start using a free KeepTruckin app on their phone, and when they are ready or when time comes, the ELD will be connected to the truck. The driver will continue to use the app on your phone which will connect via Bluetooth to the actual ELD.  

Can I still use paper logs?

If you are reading this you may have expected some glimmer of light but the answer is no.

What is non-forced dispatch?

Non-forced dispatch means that the driver can choose the area of operation, home time and legal limits. You should never accept any loads that you can't deliver legally and safely. Besides regulations, you are the one setting your own safety standards and we hope they are high. No one should tell you to drive if you are sick, tired, out of legal hours or if your next load requires physical labor. You should never accept overweight/unsafe commodity or equipment. As a driver you will decide when it is time to pull over due to weather conditions. Owner operators should choose when to come home and when to back out.

Can i cancel a load?

No. Once you have agreed to take it, you may no longer cancel it. Use our non-forced dispatch, but do not abuse it. Canceled loads hurt the carrier's reputation, a bad reputation will result in fewer customers and lower pay. It affects everyone.

Who are the people in the office?

All of our staff includes dispatch, safety, accounting and management.

How long do i have to wait for a load?

Most of the time your dispatcher will pre-book you a load in advance.

What drugs can DOT drug-screen detect?

If you ask this question, you should put that pen down and forget about Voyager.

How much money will i make with Voyager?

How much money do you want to make? The sky is the limit.

How can i get my money?

Via ACH (Direct Deposit)

How quick does Voyager pay the Owner Operators?

Pay day is every Friday. All loads delivered by Monday are paid that Friday.

Will the company fix my truck if it breaks down?

As an owner operator and a business owner you are responsible for the repairs and maintenance of your equipment. Your truck is your work tool, keep it in good condition and plan your budget accordingly. If you don't want to deal with breakdowns, don't buy a truck, there are lots of good trucking companies looking for good drivers.

How much an average regional driver makes a week?

As a regional driver you will be limited to the area and more than likely you will be making less miles with a slightly higher pay per mile rate (depending on the region). On average you will be grossing $2500-$4500 and will take home $1500-$2500 weekly. 

How much average over the road driver makes a week?

Average over the road driver should make at least $5000 gross per week. After fuel and all the deductions $2500-$3200 clean take home money. Remember this is an average driver we are talking about. When times were better and diesel was at $4 per gallon many drivers were grossing $8000-$12000 weekly. 

How much per mile owner operators make?

Pay will vary depending on many things, such as market conditions, location, cost of fuel and mostly supply and demand. Shorter runs will often pay some more per mile than long trips. But longer trips will save you a lot of time when loading and unloading. Work with your dispatch to make the most out of whats available. Loads can vary from $0.80 to $4.00 per mile. 

Truck Plates?

Most companies will be able to provide plates for you, but sometimes getting your own could be slightly cheaper or more expensive, and could buy you more freedom to move from one company to another if things are not working out. However we suggest to work on issues by starting dialog instead of switching companies. Changing companies will cost money to you, and the company.

Dedicated runs?

Most of the time dedicated lanes pay less than on demand loads, but makes work easier and pay more predictable. Let your dispatcher know if this is what you want, so they can keep an eye for one, if something that mach your needs becomes available.

How long it takes to lease on to a company?

Assuming that you already chose the company and have all necessary paperwork ready it should not be more than 2-3 days. One day for application and back ground checks, and then another day or two for drug screen results to come in and orientation. 

How old is too old for the semi truck?

Age of the truck is not as important as its condition. There is plenty of totally abused almost new trucks out there and of course there are a lot of old trucks that are showroom condition. At the end of the day the newer truck in road legal condition is all you need to make money.

What are the benefits of electronic logbooks?

Electronic logbooks will make trucking industry more organized, more predictable and civilized. Work schedule and income will be easier to predict. Shippers and receivers will have to reform scheduling, loading and unloading times and the way they treat the drivers. Detentions paid at 100% rate due to solid proof of GPS record. The demand for trucks will bump up by at least 10%, and this will cause shipping rates to go up. And finally the media and society might stop criminalizing transportation industry.

What are the driver requirements?

Minimum 2 years verifiable OTR driving experience. Valid CDL class A driver’s license. Current medical card. 

What are truck requirements?

Current Annual Inspection Report. Must pass our walk-around inspection. Currently there are no age restrictions for your tractor; However it must be in a good working condition.

Fuel Surcharge?
Every load is booked with intention to cover fuel surcharge, as the fuel prices go up so does the freight rates.
Does Voyager Nation, Inc. require electronic logbooks?

Yes, without any exception.

Trailer rent cost?

We do not charge for trailer rent or usage.

What kind of trailers are available for owner operators?

We use dry vans. All of our trailers are in excellent working condition and no older than 5 years old.

How long is the employment process?

24-48 hours. (weekends and holidays not included)

What about dead-head miles?

Every booked load has the compensation for a dead-head included in the rate.

Can the out of state Owner Operator lease onto Voyager Nation?

Yes, you can be based out of any state and we will always provide you with a load.

Package #1

This package is for the owner operator who has a truck and trailer.

  • Pay is 85% (OTR)
  • Cost of insurance $175/week.
  • Plates & registration available.
  • IFTA available.
  • No forced dispatch.
  • All permits are available.
  • Fuel card available.
  • Direct deposit.
  • QuickPay available.***
  • Massive Fuel Discounts.
  • Discounted Repairs.***

Package #2

For the Owner Operator who has Truck only

  • Pay is 75% (OTR)
  • Cost of insurance $0.00.
  • Plates & registration available.
  • IFTA available.
  • No forced dispatch.
  • All permits are available.
  • Fuel card.
  • No cost for trailer rent.
  • Direct deposit.
  • Massive Fuel Discounts.
  • Discounted Repairs.***


Transparency with owner operators is crucial for our business as it fosters trust, enhances communication, and ultimately leads to mutually beneficial partnerships that drive our success.

Best Dispatchers

Our truck dispatchers stand out as the best in the industry due to their unmatched dedication, efficiency, and unwavering commitment to ensuring smooth and timely deliveries.

Quality Support

Our support sets an unparalleled standard in the owner-operator business, combining expertise, responsiveness, and a genuine commitment to our partners' success.

Trucker reviews

Our company is grateful for the reviews from truckers who rely on our services. These testimonials reflect the trust and satisfaction of the men and women who navigate the open road. Their feedback motivates us to maintain the high standards that define our partnership with the backbone of our nation's logistics.

unnamed (1)

I was about to give up driving truck when a friend referred us to Voyager Nation where we found a place where we are respected and valued and we have the pleasure to have a great dispatcher her name is Cristi she goes above and beyond to help us no matter night or day shes there we had our issues like everyone else but I am grateful to work with a great team and want to thank everyone in Voyager Nation


Jurga Muralis

Good company with good, honest people working here. Takes care of drivers and makes sure that everyone is happy!

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