Owner Operator Testimonials

Owner Operator Testimonials

“As an Owner Operator I got tired of pulling loads for the big name companies and still not coming out ahead; So I decided to make a change to a smaller trucking company- Voyager Nation, Inc. They treated me as an equal and the company had true small family-owned business values.”
– Owner Operator Ismel L. Kilgore (Chicago, Illinois)


“I am a 17+ years in the trucking industry veteran! I started out as a driver and when I bought my truck I shopped around for the right company before my purchase. Not only did Voyager Nation, Inc. help me figure out the next steps towards owning my own truck; they also helped me get the truck by writing a letter of intent to hire. Voyager Nation, Inc. is a company that truly believes in their owner operators.”
– Owner Operator Arunas (Ronnie) Viburys (Olympia Fields, Illinois)


“I have never worked for a company that has had such an aggressive and awesome dispatch team. I am an owner operator of a truck but with a hired driver, and even though they dispatch my driver they also send me a courtesy text to keep me in the loop of what’s going on with my driver. I am very pleased with the way that Voyager Nation, Inc. communicates with not only the driver’s but the owner operators.”
– Owner Operator Mohamed Saleh (Newark, New Jersey)


“For me owning my own truck was just a dream, but once I did own my truck I was worried about being able to provide for my family and still have time to spend with them.  But Voyager Nation, Inc. was willing to work with my wishes to make money while still having time for my family. My earning potential was in my hands.”
– Owner Operator Thomas H. Smith (Charlotte, North Carolina)


“When I first came to this country, I felt like I was being taken advantage of by a lot of the big companies. I was so disgusted with the industry that I wanted to sell my truck and get out of the industry. When I saw the Voyager Nation, Inc. ad I thought it was too good to be true. I figured I might as well take one last chance. I have now been working for Voyager Nation, Inc. for 5 years and have since purchased 2 more trucks to lease on with them. Taking a chance paid off for me!”
– Owner Operator Jesus Martinez (Laredo, Texas)


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