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Apr. 01, 2020

Our Safety Department is not just a department that processes your logs and sends out non-compliance letters. The goal of the Safety department is to ensure that all of the people associated with Voyager Nation, Inc follow safe practices to increase the safety of our fleet in order to minimize the risk of injury, death, and property damage for the benefit of us all. In addition, the Safety department also ensures that we follow and meet all of the standards, rules, and regulations outlined by the DOT. The Voyager Nation, Inc Safety department accomplishes these goals in three ways. The first is through orientation. We put our contractors through an orientation program to help you understand our procedures and to help answer any safety related questions you may have. Secondly we monitor your safety related documents to ensure that you are not only following the DOT rules but understand those rules as they relate to you. Safety is dedicated to minimizing your risk by education; teaching you to avoid major hazards and to prepare you for emergencies in the event of an accident. It is important to understand that we cannot eliminate all of the dangerous risks from our lives but we can reduce them by following safe practices. Keeping yourself (and the general public) safe should always be your first priority. Learn to live safe practices, do not drive when you are fatigued or when you are out of hours, do not speed, always inspect your equipment (and any equipment you pull), make sure your tires are properly inflated (again on your tractor and on chassis) the actions you take just may well save your life. Remember, it is the responsibility of us all to to protect the public (as well as ourselves), against any consequence of failure or harm. We must always be vigilant against negligence and ALWAYS do our best to follow safe driving practices. The Voyager Nation, Inc Safety Department is here to help you in any area of concern.

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