Increase your profits with your own trailer (Dec. 18 2014)

So you are the successful owner operator, what’s next? There is always room for improvement. Buying and operating with your own trailer under Voyager’s “Owner operator with tractor and trailer” program will significantly increase your profits. Things you need to know before buying a trailer:

  • Age of trailer. Some shippers will not load a trailer older than 10 years old.
  • Plated trailer. (No plywood on the inside walls)
  • 53x110x102. (Do not limit yourself to something smaller)
  • No translucent roof. (Get a trailer with metal roof)
  • Swing doors. (Do not buy a trailer with roll-up doors)

If you have any other questions about this program for owner operators with own trailers, or how to choose a right trailer please contact us @ 855-839-5067 Ext: 302

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