Operations during Hurricane Irma

Attn: All Owner Operators, our operations are expected to run with very little to no interruptions. If for any reason you can’t reach our Tampa office please contact our Bridgeview office @ 630-568-5911 ext: 302 for safety, ext: 308 for dispatch, ext: 303 for accounting. All load info, schedules, and operations info will be forwarded to our emergency response team there. 
All owner-operators please stay safe and remember that no load is more important than you and people around you. If you are home in hurricane affected area please be safe and secure your equipment. Keep the gaps between parked trucks as little as you can, also check flood zone map for your area. This info is available on your county website. 
Please report your post-hurricane status to safety as soon as you can. 
Any questions or concerns? Please don’t hesitate to call us at any time.


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