Winter Driving Safety (Nov. 30, 2015)

Winter is here with all the snow, fun and major holidays.
We sincerely hope you will enjoy all the nice things it has to offer.
However it brings some of the worst driving conditions and hazards to all the vehicles on the road. 
Here at Voyager we value safety and well being of all our drivers, their families and all the public we share the roads with.
There is no load more important than you, and everyone around you.
Here are some Voyager’s safety standards for winter driving:
 1. No load is more important than safety, no matter what.
 2. Do not let anyone pressure you.
      Call our safety dept at 630-568-5911 ext 2 if anyone does.
 3. Plan ahead.
 4. Check the weather forecast. 
 5. Bridges and overpasses freeze before roadway.
 6. Do not use cruise control if slippery.
 7. Do not risk. Even if everyone else is still going.
 8. If not 100% safe, just park and wait.
 9. Communicate any delays with your dispatcher. 
 10. Any delivery can be rescheduled, peoples lives cannot.


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